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What our customers are saying...

“Everyone in your company has been very responsive, and I love my pool. I appreciate what has been done to try to respect the integrity of my yard while completing the pool in a timely manner that allows me to use it this year.Frank was very nice and did a very good job designing the pool so it fit my needs. I never felt pressured by his salesmanship. I felt he was honestly looking out for my best interests. Even after I had signed the contract with him, I continued to see other prospective contractors with whom I had already scheduled appointments. Even they spoke highly of him as a person and of you and your company.

Rudy, the construction Supervisor, was very kind. When I told him I’d appreciate knowing when and what time to expect workmen on site, he made sure to give me a call the day before they showed up. Even though I was told it would take four to six weeks to complete the work, Rudy kept the job moving and finished it in just under four weeks. My sense is is that Rudy is a man of integrity and I appreciate that.

Mario Jr. was very thorough explaining how to use the equipment, and he went slow enough for me to take notes. He too, was very respectful and very kind. He did a very nice job of cleaning up after the installation and made sure I had his cell phone number so I can call with any questions.

This has been one of my better experiences with a contractor. Thank you and please thank everyone involved.”

- Christene McElwain